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For young developing elite athletes who want to improve their sporting skills whilst thriving in their psychological skills

Goal Implementation

More than just making goals, we set you up with an implementation and action plan and hol you accountable to it

Mental Health

Research has shown that receiving coaching improves your mental health and quality of life

Adaptable and Adjustable

The tools and skills you learn are adaptable across many areas of your life. The Journal is flexible to your needs, you can skip sections that aren't relevant to you.

Meet Your Coach

Imagine this, its 1996 and you're playing the Netball Grand Final. It's a close game but your teams' GA is on fire and shoots the winning goal. You celebrate the win, and pull the GA into a tight hug - but there's something in the way. Her belly. She's pregnant. You can't believe she played the Grand final 5 months pregnant. 
Hi, I'm Maddy Sigston and I was the 8th player in that Grand Final match. I guess you could say that Netball has been part of my life since before I was born. 
Despite being introduced to the game before I was born, I was a late bloomer and only started playing in year 6. I played netball all throughout high school and started umpiring at 17. It wasn't until my first year of university that I stared coaching. It was through coaching that I discovered my passions, so much so that I transferred universities and course to an exercise sports science degree three years into my four year business/arts degree.
I have coached many teams of varied abilities from U13s through to U25s at club netball and representative netball. I noticed that there is a lot of resources and tools around coaching and drills but very little on the psychological aspect of the sport. Through my own journey of personal development, I have developed skills and tools to help me thrive in life. I decided to take what I'd learned and apply it to netball to help me coach my players. As such, My Netball Journal was born. I even use the journals as a player myself.
It took some time and many versions were created before I ended up with the product that you see today.


"Fear is just the Ego worried that you won't satisfy it's hunger"

Madeleine Sigston

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